The first of today’s sunlight beamed in through my sheer white Ikea curtains, scattering strips of light on the wall across the room. Someone walked by outside making the light leave momentarily. It was our upstairs neighbor. She walks her dog at this time every morning.

There’s an unpeeled clementine sitting on my desk by the window. A stack of papers shuffled from last night’s board meeting that I didn’t bother cleaning up. A pen on the floor. Two piles of envelopes sitting on the empty dog crate next to my desk. Addressed, Stamped, but not sealed. Addressed, Sealed, but not stamped.

The window is open. I open it at night so that cold feet and goosebumps wake me up in the morning. I check my phone for the time. It didn’t charge. I glance at the numbers on the screen to read 7:36 before I lose that last 1% and see nothing.

It’s Friday so I don’t have any Zoom meetings today. Relief. I readjust my phone on the charging pad next to my bed, wait for it to turn back on, pop in my airpods and tune into Taylor Swift’s new album. I hunker back down under the covers, Matt opens his arms to me in his sleep and I slip my hands around him to steal some of his body heat.

It’s one of those moments when you wish time would slow down.

8:30 rolls around too quickly so I check my phone for any urgent work emails, hoping I can get another 10 minutes of bliss. Nothing new in the inbox, thank god. Back under the covers.

8:45 and I’m up. Computer starting up, water rolling to a boil in my kettle, brain going full speed configuring my to-dos for the day. Mentally tracking yesterday’s leftover to-dos. I am overwhelmed.

Ten minutes ago I was a totally different person. Ten minutes ago I was happy.

She/Her. 23. Digital Content Writer based in Philadelphia.